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Sided Tape

We offer a wide range of single sided tapes suitable for any job. 

We pride ourselves on being able to supply the right tape for the job 100% of the time. From electrical tape to high temperature Kapton tape we can supply just what you need. If you need any help choosing the right tape for the task please do contact us. We're more then happy to help 


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Quite simply a strip of flexible magnetic material with double sided tape on the back. Available in pairs of positive and negative or singly to enable attachment to metal surfaces. ALSO - ask about special pricing on our new low profile 1mm product

Printed tape.

We can offer high quality PVC, Low noise and standard Polypropylene tapes printed in up to four colours. The only other limit is your imagination. We would be happy to send you samples of work we have done for other people. Please ask for our printed sample pack.

Masking tape

Everything from the most basic paper tapes to high temperature resistant Kapton and Polyester films in rolls and cut shapes.

Waterproof Cloth tape

Even something as simple as good old Gaffa tape has a variety of types almost as great as the number of its uses. We have the full range from cheap and cheerful policloth to matt finish products for stage applications. Tell us what you need it to do and we will help you to select the right tape from the range.

Reinforced strapping tape

Also known as crossweave tape this clear tape cannot be torn by hand as it contains criss-cross fibreglass strands. Ideal for strengthening any packaging.Also used for running repairs on cricket bats.

Hook and loop

For copyright reasons we are not allowed to use the V word. You know, the one that rhymes with Well Crow. That’s what we mean by hook and loop. Available in rolls and dots.

Dual lock

For extra strong bonding we can also offer a self-engaging fastener in rolls and cut shapes. This clever product works like hook and loop but its interlocking mushroom heads give a super strong bond.

Electrical range

We can offer a full range of polyimide, polyester and foil tapes for a variety of applications from PCB terminal masking to EMI and RFI resistance. If this is your field then please let us know your requirements.

Foam tape

Single sided foam tapes for draft and waterproofing, sound deadening and many other uses.

Packaging tape

Good old packaging tape. Yes we even sell that! Brown, clear, any colour you like really. Or why not have your name on it? See printed tape above.

Aluminium foil tape

Available in both self wound and linered formats, our foil tape can be supplied in a range of thicknesses and widths.


Universally known as bumper feet or rubber feet the resilient nature and ease of application of these simple but effective products make them a natural choice in a variety of industries. Ask to see our full range and prices.

Spine binding tape

Our Wibalin spine binding tape is available in a range of colours including red, green, blue, yellow and the ever popular black and white. Not just for book-binding but for strengthening any join.


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